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There is no charge. Come join us in celebrating ten years in Monterey. Do your holiday shopping, enjoy refreshments, and listen to local musician Dave Holodiloff.

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We are grounded in both spirit and nature in the light of our core essence. By linking ourselves to the root of our being, we find that nothing can shake us. In time, the forces of renewal will spring back to life. Jon is a carrier of the authentic shamanic tradition of the Americas. The event is free.

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They are a testimony of the striking power of language and imagery. This is her first book. Who wouldn't want to take refuge here where "one jeweled leaf from my persimmon tree falls upon a poem. People who have attended her workshops leave with newly acquired tools for using their intuition in a practical way. Joanna will lead you on a sensory journey to unleash your own psychic ability. Everyone has the gift of intuition. In this illuminating workshop you will experience what it is like to give and receive a psychic reading.

You will get a special message from Spirit about your life path and relationships.

Taurus LOVE IS THE LAW THAT ALWAYS WINS! Current Love Energy- October 2019

You will be partnered with someone you don't know and it's never a coincidence who you are paired with! If you feel a pull to attend this event, it means that you have a message that will help another person and Spirit wants you to be the vehicle to deliver it. It also could mean that someone who will be at the workshop has a profound message for you. Over the past 20 years, Joanna has done thousands of psychic and intuitive readings for people from all walks of life.

Love offerings will be accepted. I couldn't put it down. In line and in tune with the paradigm change underway, these meditations are grounded in discoveries regarding the nature of cosmic reality, and the unfoldment of human potentials. This book articulates key ideas in harmony with the spirit of the times. Ricardo will talk about the ideas in his book and will lead us in a short meditation to attune with the compassionate heart of the cosmos and accelerate the healing of our planet. Ricardo Stocker is a philosopher, poet, musician and transpersonal psychologist.

He grew up in Argentina, moved to Europe as a young man, and now lives in California.

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For the last sixteen years he has been a professor of psychology at Mendocino College. He is also a counselor, musician, and grandfather. His message is uplifting, optimistic and inspiring. Ricardo's breadth of understanding encompasses deep philosophical insight, combined with knowledge that spans wisdom traditions east and west.

The event is free; love offerings accepted. What if we could prove to ourselves through direct experience that spirit worlds exist, that there is no death, that we are all immortal, and that our departed loved ones are fine? Susan Allison shows us how. Tony is an entertaining writer and a brilliant storyteller. He has a lot to draw from — his life growing up in the projects in Brooklyn, career as a musician and performer, a businessman owning several delis in New York City, a radio talk show host, and his life in California. Tony lost a leg in an auto accident several years ago, and he describes how friends, close relationships, and his beloved pet dog Brie, who also lost a leg have helped him get over the bumps on his journey.

These days you can meet Tony at Il Fornaio restaurant in Carmel where he is a host and receptionist several days a week. Tony is an inspiration, a great storyteller with a big heart. Crystal bowls can open our hearts. We see everywhere the dance of opposites: day and night, good and bad, yin and yang, light and dark. Jon will lead a ritual in the tradition of a shamanic journey. If I had 5 stars to give it, I would reinvent the system, and give it 10 stars.

Do yourself a favor…enjoy this book.

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She has been practicing psychotherapy with adults, and training health care professionals for 35 years. In her work, Judy shows clients and readers that while hurt is inevitable in life, suffering is not. Her refreshing approach helps us understand that we can experience disappointments and let go of them.

She gives practical tools to assist readers and clients to transform adversities into stepping stones. The cosmic scales of light and dark tip toward the gathering darkness in the the sun's annual journey.

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He will lead us in a shamanic ritual and guided journey, helping participants contact and expand the inner transforming light and fire of spirit. Valerie will be reading from her new title Rain and Rust, a collection of her haiku poems illustrated with her photography. Haiku is traditional Japanese poetry characterized by short verses. In this regard each poem and image is a meditation on the ephemeral nature of life and living.

Her evocative photography captures a variety of moods with images from everyday life. The book honors the seasons of winter, spring, summer, autumn and new year. Lily is an author of two award winning books and a former radio host for Sparkpeople.

January 21 Zodiac

A former food addict, Lily's goal is to bring awareness to the dangers of dieting and to teach people how to eat in harmony with their physical appetites rather than emotional appetites. She helps people overcome such emotions as overwhelm, depression, anxiety, boredom, frustration and confusion, enabling one to establish permanent and pleasurable weight loss. Visit Lily's website: www. Dynamic solar energy blesses the northern hemisphere and bathes us in an amplification of life force. Nature is at its most vibrant. The sun is the source of life and light that vitalizes this planet and all life upon it.

The solar fire is a symbol of the radiance of the spirit, the source of transformation, and the catalyst for the evolutionary impulse of the soul. Jon Rasmussen will give a talk on the subject of the cleansing and transforming influence of fire. He will look at actual fire and its cleansing power, as well as fire as a symbol of the eternal spirit -- the source of love and wisdom that moves us from within. Afterwards he will lead us in a shamanic ritual and guided journey. Negative beliefs from childhood remain in the subconscious, below the radar. These sometimes destructive patterns chain us to the past, to limitation.

We can choose to move beyond these limitations and explore the vast potential of our minds and spirit, enabling us to discover the inner fountain of wisdom and happiness. Rabia Erduman is a counselor, cranio-sacral therapist, and hypnotherapist who helps people overcome the confining beliefs of the past and awaken to new dimensions of possibility. She will give a talk and lead a guided imagery exercise to help us open to unconditional self-love, moving beyond shame or hurt that chain us to the past.

Elizabeth Congo has twenty years experience in the use of medical QiGong, a simple practice from China originating thousands of years ago under the tutelage of ancient Taoist masters. It has been compared to acupuncture, without the needles. This practice activates the chi subtle life energy and stimulates the circulation. It also coordinates the internal organs, strengthens health and can cure and prevent illness. Medical QiGong relieves high blood pressure, and is beneficial for the nervous system.

It has proven useful in curing insomnia. She will give a talk on medical Qigong and lead us in a seated QiGong exercise to stimulate and circulate chi and vital energy. Our world is bombarded with new technological innovations ceaselessly washing up on the shores of the current culture and it is hard for us as individuals to keep up with the changes. At the same time, nature is being adversely impacted by the impact of scientific and technological achievements that have led to sprawling cities and environmental pollution and toxicity on a widespread scale.

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Jon Rasmussen will address the theme of living in harmony with nature. This is something that traditional indigenous cultures have achieved and have been able to maintain through countless millennia. The shamanic and indigenous societies have much to teach us about balancing advances in the techno world with the eternal rhythms of nature.

Jon will give a talk followed by a guided shamanic journey. Perhaps all of us have had experiences when things seem to fall into place almost effortlessly, seemingly even miraculously. These experiences come to us by grace, moments when life opens up and hands us a gift. As we do so, we begin to see our lives through the lens of wonder, and we become vessels for its power to others. He combines Jungian, Buddhist and mythic perspectives in his work, and helps people to live with compassion and mindfulness.

His specialty is astro-cartography, the study of personal affinities of geographic location. He is a world class presenter and will be giving a talk and slide show at Luminata, followed by two days of astrological consultations for those interested. It draws all your personal lines for jobs and money, marriage, love relationships, family and health on a world map, and shows you the best — and hardest— places for your goals.

He lives in Pisac in the Sacred Valley near Cusco, Peru, and does readings for people all over the world.

alexandra tarot aquarius Alexandra tarot aquarius
alexandra tarot aquarius Alexandra tarot aquarius
alexandra tarot aquarius Alexandra tarot aquarius
alexandra tarot aquarius Alexandra tarot aquarius
alexandra tarot aquarius Alexandra tarot aquarius
alexandra tarot aquarius Alexandra tarot aquarius

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