February 17 solstice astrology

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Click here for your premium horoscope for ! Taurus is perhaps the most sensual sign of the zodiac when it comes to material pleasures, so a season that is all about wrapping up in luxurious fabrics, imbibing in rich food and drinks, and being dazzled by all things bright and sparkly. As we prepare to go deeper into winter and the days get quiet and dark, this is a time to celebrate life and feast literally and spiritually before doing the hard work of conserving strength and digging deeper into ourselves as we wait for spring.

After all, the ancient Romans celebrated winter solstice with a feast of Saturnalia to honor the bounty of the previous harvest. While all those material trappings are great, Taurus has another reason to shine this season. Known as the bull, this is a sign that is relentlessly stubborn. As we approach the time of the year when we set goals for the year ahead, Taurus is here to show us how to do the work and not give up. If you have a celebration, include a space where guests can light a candle to reflect on their hopes and dreams for the coming season.

Gemini is ruled by chatty Mercury , the planet of communication. This affects your life all year long, but partnerships of all kinds are especially important for you right now.

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In the spirit of the classic holiday card, why not take some time and write a note if you want to get artsy, making handwritten letters or postcards is a great way to spend a day, but of course an e-mail will do as well. Being ruled by Mercury also makes Gemini a highly analytical sign. This solstice is a chance for you to really dig deep into what you need for the coming season. Have you been feeling restless lately?

Dissatisfied with work or relationships? The winter solstice is here to provide you with a sense of clarity and focus. You may very well be dealing with a lot of excess energy-starting your solstice off with a brisk walk, jog, or even team sport Gemini is no stranger to some healthy competition will help clear your mind and put you in the best headspace to get your life in order. In fact, joining a league or a team is a great way of keeping regulating your energy throughout the winter. Calling all Cancer crabs-winter solstice is a big day for you! Capricorn, and its ruler Saturn , is all about structure, discipline, and keeping a cool head—not the most natural qualities for your emotional, mood-driven sign.

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This is a great time to build on your skill set and learn to keep those emotions in check. Cancer is a sign that teaches us the nature of home. A new season presents you with the opportunity to reconsider what that means to you, and how you can bring a sense of comfort and home to the areas which might seem less inviting to you like the hard structures and cold professional realms Capricorn is associated with. Charge crystals like Moonstone, Rose Quartz, or Citrine under the moon to integrate them into your rituals throughout the season. The solstice is a nice time to give yourself a little quiet time for restoration.

To honor your water element , consider observing the occasion with a ritual bath infused with eucalyptus, jasmine, or lavender. Cancer is also a particularly nostalgic sign, so call in your ancestors to guide you into the new year. Getting ready to enter a season full of parties is your comfort zone. With that in mind, being the scene stealer of the zodiac all year round does take a lot of energy, and there are a couple of times a year that you need to sit back and recharge.

Creative projects are about to find a home, and your passions will align with prosperity. Leos tend to be dramatic, talented, and most of all, busy, so this solstice reflect on what your priorities actually are. Create a mood board Leos are visual people and use it to manifest your greatest goals.

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This year however, your mind is on more than just your work life. The goal for you right now is balance, integrating your passions and type A energy throughout all areas of your life. Saturn is responsible for our patterns and routines, and you might be using this winter solstice to rethink yours. The celestial lovers will reunite two weeks after this Equinox for the first time in almost two years.

There is much more in the world that unifies us than separates us, as the ripples of uncertainty radiate across the globe. It is the over flow of a chaotic year ending, with the anticipation of what will be in the coming year. These major turning points, the Solstices in our Tropical Astrological methods are always aligned with the cardinal ingresses, when the Sun enters Capricorn and Cancer at the Solstices, and Aries and Libra at the Equinoxes.

As the great wheel turns day after day, month after month, year after year we tune into the rhythm of the constantly moving planets, the signs and symbols reflected in our heavens. It was at the end of that a few conscious Agents of change began writing about this turning mandala, with the idea of emphasising important turning points in the year that would work towards setting our collective intentions with the emerging astrological signifiers.

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  4. Here we are ready to bounce off into another astrological year when the Sun enters the first sign of the zodiac, Aries at the March Equinox, Spring in the North, Autumn in the South. Tropical astrologers use this alignment of the Sun crossing the equator to keep our zodiac aligned with the seasons, from which the zodiac originally developed, something we continually need to explain to the uninitiated that try to debase our craft, that our zodiac is no longer aligned with the stars, the constellations from which the zodiac signs developed much of their meaning from Read more.

    By understanding the energies present in the Ingress astrology Charts, we ask you to gather 2, 10 or more people or even just yourself and family and follow the simple guide below. What is that part of us that wants to move through the cycles of our lives unchanged and unchallenged? Chiron reminds us that we are always wounded, in some sense sullied by experience.

    He was the leader of the centaurs and mentor to the solar heroes. Chiron, in our own experience, marks for each of us the pain that cannot be fixed, that we have no choice but to learn to live with. This way wisdom is won. And now we reach the depth and extent of the dark. The Winter Solstice is the seeding moment. The sun-seed of the year of growth ahead is implanting in the womb of winter. This is a time for stillness and holding the mystery. And yet, the future is only ever the outgrowth of how and what we are, here and now.

    And this most contracted point in time signals the need for holding : holding potentiality, holding the not-born, holding hope. Inner discipline is required to be able to be with what we are experiencing without spilling our energy out in emotional reactions. External fallowness is met by inward fullness as future time dreams itself in all beings.

    Meanwhile our little island is in a flap. At the national level, we are thinking, discussing and taking action in the political realm in terms that are obsolete. Truly, we are fiddling while Rome burns. The madness of this is hard to bear. Instead our concern should be for how we can take power to act in the service of our planet. Many, many people are doing this, just as many others are obsessing about status, income and the bottom line. So we find ourselves in a desert kingdom with a maimed sovereign.

    But what positively is coming to light is the radical necessity to take responsibility for our human sacred trust, our non-negotiable responsibility for planetary well-being, and to reinstate regard for the sacred feminine. Pluto was, by the Greeks and Romans, cast as Lord of the Underworld.


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    But underneath his patriarchal robe, Pluto is the expression of an older, female archetype: Kali with blood around her mouth and her vulva, the devouring and birthgiving mother. The great goddess is a powerful aspect of the Pluto archetype that is seeking integration in our understanding and experience. The me too movement is a terribly faint but discernible echo of the goddess insurgency that is reshaping the world of the collective right now. There is food, drink and shelter in our very capacity to hope. In April Chiron, the wounded healer, entered Aries, place of sunrise, breaching the horizon after a long nocturnal sojourn.

    It has re-entered collective consciousness, bringing our awareness both to our deepest wounds and to our greatest capacity for compassion and wisdom. He is making the scales fall from our eyes as we see the wasteland in which we are living. In September Chiron sank back beneath the horizon as it retrograded into the sign of Pisces.

    It will emerge finally on 19 th February The portal of the Solstice this year is marked by Chiron in a square to the Solstice Sun.

    Wounds that cannot be fixed and cannot be ignored are the source of our creativity and bless us with compassion and wisdom. Without our wounds and our hope we might be brilliant machines, capable of a great deal; with our wounds and our hope we are human, capable of conscience, consciousness, insight, nuance, humour, development, love and wisdom.

    Chiron is a walker between the worlds. His emergence above the horizon and his marking of the Solstice portal indicates a time when the worlds can be seen once more in connection with each other:. To do this work of reconnection means to bear with what has been spoiled — our wounds — personally, socially, politically, spiritually, environmentally.

    This will require us to withdraw from blame. We blame because we are in thrall to the idea that our pain has been inflicted by something external to us. In blaming we neurotically fling out the possibility of inner truth and insight that are our gifts and our guidance and which potentially redeem, at least mitigate, suffering. This Solstice and will focus our attention powerfully on what has been spoiled and soured.

    We choose how best to respond. Or we can be alert to the tensions and dynamics of our difficult situations and determine to hold them in our awareness, in our experience.

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    We need to find inner discipline and independence of thought and feeling — not to be part of the broiling sea of collective reaction that surrounds us. Can we find the strength to hold our ship steady? Having a context of significance, a set of principles, through which to understand what is happening is like having stars to steer by. When the storm is raging, can we find the still point, the eye of the storm?

    february 17 solstice astrology February 17 solstice astrology
    february 17 solstice astrology February 17 solstice astrology
    february 17 solstice astrology February 17 solstice astrology
    february 17 solstice astrology February 17 solstice astrology
    february 17 solstice astrology February 17 solstice astrology

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