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This is todinical magick of the highest order and should not be identified in any way vrith ibe prurient shenanigans of sex cults or clubs. Human sexuality is only one very narrow expression of this sexual alchemy. The formula is truly universal and its mechanics are at work at all levels of exis- toce. It is rhe magick that turns energy into matter, sunlight into gold, you and me into God. I realize dioi, for many, ic has been an ordeal I have done my best to make things as clear as I would have wanted them presented at the beginning of my studies, but I'm sure there are those who may still feel hopelessly coniused.

I hope you will persevere and refer often to the material in Part 1 and the definitions in the glossary in chapter 21 as you study the next sec- tion, which deals vritii the individual cards. Finimg that materia! Knowing the place whereon I standest is holy ground, it is with no small measure of tiepdation that I begin my comments on the individual cards. I have taken great pains to identify aud referexKe all such quotes. Lady Hams possessed the written descriptions and was also fiunihar with the published deck painted Pamela Coleman Smith under the direction of Arthur Edward Waite.

In discussing each card, I will describe the original Golden Dawn design and, as much as possible, point OUT siinilariries and diffeences. The first twenty-two cards are num- bered with roman numerals 0-XXl and are called the Major or Greater Arcana. The remaining fifty-six cards are called the Minor or Lesser Arcana and are dhdded inro four suits. The smes arc usually ordered Wands, Cups, Swords, and Disks.

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That is how most decks of tarot cards are arranged when they first come from the manufactuier. Crowley said, Tarot will lose all it? In figure 22, the Major Arcana the twenty- fwo trumps or atus represents spirit and is placed on the top point of the penfagtam.

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The Minor Arcana represents the four elemental arms of the pentagram that spirit the Major Arcana rimuhaneously unites and separates. The Towers Three of Dish perhaps indicating the massing of a standing army The ideas that such pairings evoke can be an infinite source of meditation, and an invaluable exercise for anyone wshing to use the cards for divinaticin. I briefly discuss each of the seventy right cards of the Thoth Tarot. Wherever possible, I also include excerpts of letters between Harris and Crowley concerning the card.

I find these particularly interesting. We will start mth the Major Arcana. This is also seeres: my prophet shuJl reveal it io the vAse. Obviously, they could not have existed as cards before the invendon of paper. These wen? Soil later, Masonic con- cepts like the four public and private virtues of Temperance, Fortitude Strength , Justice, and Prudence Lovers? Nevertheless, that phenomenon In itself may have profound Implica- tions concerning how the human mind is hardwired to respond to archetypal Images.

With one exception, the Atus, or trumps, of the Thoth Tarot conform to the Tarot dc Marsiciles sequence, which is the same as that originally established by the deck of Catciin Geoffrey in 1 55 7. That one exception has been, and conrinues to be, the source of much cQscussion and argument among stu- dents of modem ocodtism. Lady Harris was quite frank with Crowdey about her confusion.

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Also I don't fee! It will be a point about which there will be the most argument. Is there any reason for the 2 bops except secrecy? Tzaddi is the letter of the Emperor, the Trump IV. Book of Thoth contains diagrams and tables that do not always agree with each other, What tbilowa is my best attempt to sort dungs out.

The adepts of the Golden Dawn, working from ensting and or innovated esoteric doctrine assigned Hebrew letters to each of the crumps. Among many ocher things, these rwenty-two Hebrew letters also represent the three primitive elements, seven planets, and twelve signs of the zodiac. Table 6. The exceptions to this otherwse tidy arrangement relate to the traditional posiaoning of two trumps, 8 Adjustment, justice in older decks and 11 Laisc, Strength in older decks. If we were to follow the natural order of the Hebrew alphabet, Adjustment would be assigned the ninth letter, Tcth which repieseats the zodiacal of Leo , and Lust wotild be assigned the twelth Hebrew lertei, Lamed which represents the zodiacal sign of Libra.

This is not the case, and the adepts of the Golden Dawn made the correction. This is easier to see in table 7, which shows only the zodiacal trumps, Notice how, by making Strength Lust tiump number 8 and assigning it the Hebrew letter Teth, and by making Justice Adjustment trump number 11 and assigning it the Hebrew letter Lamed, the Golden Dawn arrangement restores the natural order to the signs of the zodiac and to the Hebrew alphabet.

Table 7. Golden Dawn Arran gement: The Matur ai. Zodiacal Bcxt with atwist. Nor let the fools mistake love; for there are love and love.


There is the dove, and there is the serpent. Choose yc well. He, my prophet, hath chosen, knowing the law of the fortress, and the great mystery of the House of God. If Tzaddi was not the Star, then what card was? And what Hebrew letter should be attributed to the Star card?

T7addi was the Emperor. Thii card is attributed to the letter Taaddi, and it refers to the sign of Aries in the Zodiac. This sign is ruled by Mars, and thetrin the Sun is exalted. The sign is thus a combination of energy in its most material form with the idea of auriiorlty.

The sign TZ orTS implies this in the original, ono- matopoetic form of language. Of course, Crawley was not satisfied with just knowing what the svntch was; he had to find a more esoteric and technical reason whyTraddi was Jiot the Star. Zodiacal brlt with two twists. Ic is Kkfify that there will always be coniusion and controversy over this matter. The most obvious, of course, are the divi- sions by three elemental, seven planetary, and twelve zodiacal cards.

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Another very popular method of divinon places the Fool at the top of three tows of seven cards, ordered consecudvely. Each of the three rows can represent some aspect or quality of character or conscioosocss. The cards are then considered as aeven columns of force cards, each relating in some way to each other. For example, the first column would have the Magus at the top, Adjustmem in the middle and the Devil on the bottom, perhaps suggestive of some cosmic truth relating to the manifest nature of the Magus, or some such spiritual lesson.

Personally, 1 believe that any way we organ- ize Of combine the cards is a legitimate meditative exercise. After all, the trumps are a universal alphabet of Images and, no matter how we throw them together, they are bound to spell somefoing. The Trumps 0 and I are hermaphrodite. The remaining fourteen Trumps represent these Primordial Quintessences of Being in conjunction, function, or manifestation. Just for fcn, let's call these eight first-class trumps. These first-class crumps are divided by gender into three categories: 1. The Fool and the Magus arc hermaphrodite; 2.

The High Priestess, the Empress, and the Star show the feminine symbol in three forms; 3.


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The Emperor, the Hierophant, and the Hermit show the masculine symbol in three forms. These three correspond and are complementary to the High Priestess, the Empress, and the Star though Crowley is not dear how they ate paired. Bach of the remaining fourteen uumps let's call them second-class trumps rep- resents one or mort of the fiist-cbss trumps, and they do so in one of three ways: 1. As an ocprcssion of how the first-class trump functions; 3. As an expression of how the first-class trump manifests.

This exercise, and many more you are likely to discover in your tarot career, vrill naturally become more effective and more fun as you become more fenuhar with the caids. In ray ofunion, the most important thing to keep in mind is that none of the trumps indeed, no single tarot card stands alone. They ate all ind- mitely interconnected. The Major Arcana is one master play vsith twenty-two mod- ular acts that can be performed in an infinite numbers of ways. That bang said, I think it's time we bring up the curtain and take a look at our cast of characters.

Before we do, however, I would like to remind you that the tarot tells a story, and like a play or a movie, it is best to see it first from beginning to end TO appreciate its message- Onct you are familiar vrith the actors and plot, you can skip around to examine your fevorite scenes and characters more closely.

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I 94 UnderttendingAletiter Thoth Toroi therefore strongly suggest that the first time ysu read the foOowiog sections con- cerning the individual cards, you do so straight through and in the order they arc presentiid. Savor it When you arc finished reading it — you wiU be someone ebc. Silerue breaks into Kapturt. Wander alone, and sing! He docs writhe about, 1 can't sec him. That innocent gaiety asks far the brush of a saint 6c my lines come out like treacle.

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