End of year horoscope leo

Areas of Contraction and Lessons in Simplicity: Work, Health, Habits

Between now and , you could explore a few wildly different career paths.

Leo 2019 - 2020 Astrology Annual Forecast

Your work may involve technology or uniting people around a world-bettering cause. Keep your glam squad on call! Taskmaster Saturn is in your administrative sixth house for the next three years, demanding that everything you do is set up on a rock-solid foundation.

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Feel it to heal it? Jupiter in your sensitive fourth house will prioritize downtime and self-care. Meantime, structured Saturn is in your health and fitness zone until , forcing you to get regimented and reduce stress.

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Regular exercise and healthy eating are your new non-negotiables. This could prove harder than it sounds, but set your FOMO aside in the name of your own health and happiness. Your clan takes center stage this year, as bountiful Jupiter visits Scorpio and your fourth house of home and family until November.

Your relationship with your mother, a child or a female relative could go through an important evolution. While there will be a few growing pains, your bond should get tighter by the end of this year. Never miss a star-powered moment again! Order a book for just your sign or the complete Planner with forecasts for all 12 signs!

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Get the Horoscope Guide! It's as if you're in a transition year, and you're a real work in progress because you're trying to find your calling in life. A Lunar Eclipse on July 16 might bring the end to this job or a turning point in the job situation. Your most magnificent opportunity, however, will happen at the end of the year at the December 26 Solar Eclipse. This eclipse will bring a major lucky break to you in work.

This is not only a new job but an offer that truly aligns you with the life and career path you'll spend the entire year searching for. Trust the process, Leo -- this IS worth the wait!

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Leo horoscope - love, money, career

These ups and downs are likely due to Uranus, the planet of liberation and innovation, moving to the top of your chart on March 6. Uranus will remain here until April Yes, you'll need to make peace with the fact that the universe will continue to bring significant changes to your career in order to help propel you to levels of fulfillment and achievement that you might not have believed you were capable of.

This might leave you feeling more anxious or revved up as you encounter important authority figures connected to your career. Please, Leo, learn to work with these people. Show them how amazing you are and the opportunities will follow.

end of year horoscope leo End of year horoscope leo
end of year horoscope leo End of year horoscope leo
end of year horoscope leo End of year horoscope leo
end of year horoscope leo End of year horoscope leo
end of year horoscope leo End of year horoscope leo

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